Monday, December 12, 2011

Why? What? Think twice babe.

First thing, a very good day to you my fellow reader(s). For the latest blog, I will speak in English, why? Am I out of my mind? Shit no. Because of what? Huh, think hardly friend. Okay, the issue is WHY PEOPLE ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS AT SCHOOL who did really think it's annoyed to speak in English. Oh man. Why did you think it's RUBBISH? As I were saying, it's rubbish? Not at all. Think twice people. Okay, I'll give an example which is not quite a good example;
  •  "Hey man, how about we have a little walk, there's so many I have to talk to you." said person A.
Okay, and you know what the other students say? Read carefully;
  • "A'alah siot tol budak tu, nak speaking bagai. Fikir bagus apa cakap macam tu, cermin diri la bro! English lu bukannya baik taik macam mana pun. Perasan mak saleh bagai apa?" said person B.
Now you've seen the fact right? It's awful really wicked awful. You've really sure that speaking in that language really make people mad? Hah, short-thinking people you see. Really hate people who doesn't think twice in action. What? Yeah really I need to talk about this issue. It is serious and its not a NO BIG DEAL.

Why I'm so deadly serious?
Haha talk about it, it's not a deadly fact I really keen to talk about. It's my word to make people realise about the advantage to speak fluently in this language. Don't make harsh of people. If there are friends who really have the passion to move on, so let it be. You have no right to judge them because you too are not perfect either.


I believe we are all much more vast and expansive than we give ourselves, and each other, credit for. Allow people the opportunity to surprise you. ~ THE END~

Surely, it's right. You're deadly awesome brilliant but gezz you're such a coward.

Now, all I have to say is stop complaining the others and do whatever you have to. Have a nice day. Do leave your comment. And I'll appreciate that :)


  1. YAY betul weh betul (: Tapi aku masih tak dapat hidayah nak ckp BI lagi --' setakat hello goodbye bolehlah I love Malaysia!


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